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✨Stash Queens Holiday Gift Guide✨

Cannabis ornaments

We are in full holiday mode and thought it was a good time to offer you a few moments of retail therapy, featuring our favorite cannabis gifts. Each of these items were handpicked by the Stash Queens team to give to our loved one's ...and ourselves. Now we want to share them with you. They range from investments to stocking stuffers. So in between prepping for the end of 2023 and welcoming 2024 make sure you treat yourself to something fabulous or send this along to your fave gift giver.

#1 - Stash Queens Merch!!!

Dog Hoodie

Of course we have to start with Stash Queens Merch :) from crop tops to bento boxes and cozy hoodies to matching puppy clothing. We have a amazing assortment of goodies that will make the special people in your life smile with glee. So whip out your wallet and show the Queens some love by supporting us during this holiday season. Special thanks to everyone, family adn friends, that have supported us over these past years. To all of our new friends, our merch is a way to rep us ...wherever you are!

Timex X Jacquie Aiche Bracelet Watch

This watch, part of "The High Life" Collection, looks luxe, sophisticated and definitely has and elevated look. Timex is known for being more at home with the business fusty set. But these watches work for everyone. Jacquie Aiche is a LA based Woman-Owned fine jewelry brand known for its use of sacred gems, diamonds and gold pieces. This collaboration brings a sense of whimsy and shines so vibrantly from the gold steel. Don't delay, these watches are moving quickly and some are already sold out!

Truth be told some of our personal favorite pieces that we keep as ashtrays, holders and displays are the ones that have been repurposed from our grandmother's and mama's treasures. Everyone knows that your Sunday best is always reserved for a special occasion and for the rest of the year it lives in a cabinet display.

Wasted Water Pipes for cannabis

Wasted Water Pipes is a dream come true of beautiful, usable art pieces that look like they come from your Grandmother's treasure box but are ready to be used NOW! All of these pieces are custom and one of a kind. Once its made and sold, you wont find it again anywhere.

Gold Swifty Roll

Pre-roll lovers appreciate the ease and convenience of having a joint already prepped and ready for smoking. It is immediate satisfaction. For those that still enjoy the ritual of rolling your own flower, here is a great way to ensure that you roll a perfect joint every time. The Swifty Roll is cute because its portable and discreet. It can fit in the smallest of purses and you can wow your friends and strangers with your uniquely crafted joint at the next function.

Just The Tip Kozy Cannabis Stash Case

This name made us let out a little giggle. That said, we love hyping up other Black Women Owned businesses in cannabis and just recently got put onto JTT. They make wearable luxury glass pieces to use as your own personal glass blunt filter, for passing and smoking the shared joint. They are also perfect just as jewelry. The Kozy Stash Case is your all in one smell proof carrier. It even comes with a cheerful Daisy grinder while supplies last. The innovation of thinking about more elevated personal ways to enjoy smoking a collective joint without having to share germs really meets a need in the market. When they added a little bit of elegance we were sold!

Ongrok Flower Petal Toothless Grinder

Finding a primary grinder that you use daily can be a tall task especially with the glut of varieties that are circulating in the market. From wood finishes to electric grinders that allow you to choose your level of coarseness, it can be very overwhelming to find the right one that can go the distance. A recent gripe we've had with grinders are that depending on the stickiness of the bud, residue can build on the inside grooves, the teeth and stick to the metal making it impossible to grind. Ongrok's 5 Piece Flower Petal Toothless Grinder stands out because of the flower petal design that crushes and grinds herb to an even consistency. It comes in five bold colors that can travel with you anywhere.

Lexco Case for Cannabis

This is a unique handmade holder that comes in different sizes and from the outside looks like a slender block of wood. When you flex the box you see how to store your joints and cigarillos. For an extra $5 you can custom engrave your Lexco Case to give it the personalized touch.

All of these gift ideas reflect The Stash Queens style. We love things that are pratical, for everyday use, stand out with panache and add a dose of luxury. Items that tell a story and are fun. That is the whole point of curating and collecting beloved pieces. They become that way because they are used daily with love. From our heart to yours this season, enjoy the rest of your 2023 and take care Stashies!!!

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