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Stash Queens Summer Reading

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As we make our way through this wacky weather of July into August, the team has been working hard and also enjoying the fruits of summertime! Shout out to Beyoncé and Barbie for providing some much needed summer entertainment escapism for us all. On a side note, we are already manifesting Queen Bey enjoying a future Stash Queens product. For the doll that keeps more jobs than a Jamaican, we are waiting on a Cannabis Barbie to round out a most prolific career 🍃🎀. Since we all have a little bit more downtime than usual, we have been catching up with our cannabis reading over the past few weeks! As always, the NYS cannabis space continues to quickly evolve and make shifts that we hope will speed up getting cannabis out to market and in the hands of the consumer. Below are a few articles that we have been scoping for Summer Reading. They give a good snapshot of where things stand in New York State:

1. Where the weed resides...right now its being stored by cultivators who have made it extremely clear that it hurts their bottom lines to not have product fully out to market with only 20 legal dispensaries open statewide. So enter OCM with the idea for Cannabis Grower Showcases (CGS) to have farmers link with conditional adult- use retailers and processors to bring their product directly to market way more quickly. We also cheer the approval of over 200 CAURD licenses bringing the total of approved licensees to over 450 businesses.

2. Walk down any block of NYC and the fragrant bloom of herb is in the air and frankly the best part is that it could be coming from anywhere! Yet if a NYS Assembly Member has his way that could soon change. He has proposed a ban on the public consumption of cannabis while increasing the fines associated with violations related to being caught smoking in locations that are currently prohibited like city parks. Now, perhaps he is responding to the request of constituents but here in NYC we do not desire to be over-policed or fined heavily for public consumption. Now, we are going to say it and I know folks have been thinking it but some of y'all really need to step your herb game UP because while we love the smell of delicious high grade what gives us the shivers is smelling musty reggie. Give your passerby a thrill and reminder about how amazing top quality bud can be! This is definitely a bill and discussion to keep a watch on and know that the smell of your herb is being judged by haters and lovers of cannabis alike!

3. Lastly, because this is a lengthy document, this might be excellent reading on your next beach trip but back in May, the NYS Office of Cannabis Management produced a "living" strategic document called the New York Social and Economic Equity Plan. This report lays out the MRTA's mandate and how the legislation and rollout of the legalized market impacts the access to economic equity particularly for those most impacted by over-criminalization. It is always important for us as a business entity and consumers to not forget the aims and goals of MRTA and leveraging the best ways to stimulate economic success for those in the cannabis space representing marginalized groups.

Until next month Stashies!! Enjoy the reading and the sunshine!!!

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