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Stash Queens X Highline: Introducing our Cultivator Partner

Updated: Jun 11

Stash Queens is proud to announce our partnership with Highline, our brand's cultivator of as we get ready to launch our products in the New York market this Summer 2024.

When we began the process of looking for cultivators, we were very hands. The quality and availability of the herb we want to bring to market is of upmost importance to us. We cold called farms and reached out to our trusted network to connect us with farmers we could potentially work with. From the moment we visited Highline's cultivation farm in Newburgh, NY our team felt in right alignment with the work Gail and Amy Hepworth are doing through Highline to bring quality herb to market and we knew they would be Stash Queens Cultivator. Highline and the Hepworth sisters promote sustainable cannabis business practices and amplify smaller brands like ours. "We are thrilled to partner with Stash Queens, a 100% Black women owned brand, as they embark on their journey in New York's cannabis market. For me, it was love from the start – powerful women, cannabis connoisseurs, shared values, and connections that cannabis has the power to create. Supporting their vision is an honor and testament to our shared commitment to uplifting underrepresented voice in the cannabis industry. Together, we’re cultivating more than just exceptional products; we’re cultivating empowerment and equity" says Gail Hepworth and we could not agree more!

Our collective teams broke bread and bud, learned about each other and met the dream team the Hepworth sisters have put together to run the cannabis side of their business. They are motivated and care so much for the earth and honor the sacredness of land stewardship. Top quality cannabis is made with the best genetics and scientific growing know-how. It was also great knowing that the people with their hands plunged into the earth are being treated with dignity and respect in their work. That they are being paid a living wage. This is just as important to our team if not more as the most premium product you can find on the market. It was encouraging to us that the Hepworth Sisters have an unparalleled depth of experience running the Hepworth Farms, their family's fruit and vegetable farm in addition to providing bud for an impressive roster of cannabis brands finding success on the shelves of New York State dispensaries. Stash Queens knows we are in good hands and are so excited to work with Highline to introduce our products to market.

Stash Queens has spoken previously on what it means to be business owners that are learning as we grow. In this cannabis game there is a lot of trusting one's gut that goes into making decisions as the New York landscape is forever in flux. For us, its new to rely on folks outside of our tight group and so far our continued investments and belief in ourselves has helped us make connections with others that will propel and support Stash Queens as we get closer to our market debut. We cannot wait to share more with you and we appreciate the many Stash Queens supporters for rocking with us as we make our dreams come true. Until Next Time Stashies!!!

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