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Visit Yamba Boutique and Buy Something...For Your Stash!

If you find yourself in Massachusetts this month, Yamba Boutique, a black woman owned adult-use dispensary, is planning a grand opening celebration at Harvard Square on 4/20. Trust us, this is one opening you won’t want to miss. The location offers a full-circle moment, as it’s located in a former police station that was built in 1864 in the shadow of Harvard University. Owner Leah Samura also owns a sister location, Yamba Market, designed to serve both experienced and new cannabis users.

"Samura, is a Dorchester native with a deep relationship to cannabis and wellness. She has introduced the plant to people" who might not feel at ease trying it on their own, including her husband who is a veteran and found relief from the pain caused by his military service in Iraq. Together, the couple created Purient Bedroom Cannabis, a sex positive cannabis product available throughout Massachusetts.

The location will carry a wide-range of products and feature equity, BIPOC, and micro-business brands. You’ll be able to place online orders or go shop in-person for the full Yamba experience. So be sure to check out Yamba Boutique and support a dispensary with a mission!

Location: 31 Church Street, Cambridge, MA, 02138

Instagram: @yambaboutique

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