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About Us

Stash Queens, Inc. is a collective of five Black Women launching a cannabis brand in the emerging New York market.  We will offer products from trusted cultivators that empower and excite consumers. We are committed to building our brand in partnership with others leading the way in quality, integrity, and true social equity.


We are building alliances with non-profits, and neighborhood businesses which will be the foundation by which we create opportunities for those who have been impacted by the war on drugs, both directly and indirectly. Job and training opportunities, financial support for those in need and opening our doors as a hub for cannabis education and entrepreneurship holds a sacred place in our company culture, our brand and our intention to establish Stash Queens as leaders in the cannabis industry.  

If we don't like it then we won't try to sell it to you. We're scouring the city high and low to bring you the highest quality products possible. We promise to to keep your favorites in stock and to introduce you to tasty new strains that will keep you coming back for more.

We are committed to working with and uplifting other BIPOC-led cannabis businesses, employing and working with people from the legacy market, and supporting efforts to decriminalize cannabis nationwide along with freeing those who remain incarcerated.

We've got strong principles and we're building an organization centered on our morals, one that makes us proud. We aim to partner with companies that prioritize their employees and sustainability, and want our customers to feel good about purchasing from us.

true social equity
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