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If you’re looking for a low and slow cannabis experience, then you got to check out Barbari Herbal Spliffs. This women owned cannabis brand is taking a unique approach to pre-rolls. Their line of herbal spliffs contains a 70/30-ish ratio of organic herbs to cannabis. Because the cannabis is diluted with herbs, the effects are milder when compared to a fully cannabis joint. In addition, the herbal ingredients add to the experience creating unique flavors and effects of their own.

The herbal spliffs experience allows for a “Buildable Buzz”, with slower onset of effects and the ability to enjoy a longer smoke session without getting too high too fast. Win/Win. And if you’re interested in rolling your own or having a THC-free smoke, they have a line of herbal mixes and pre-rolls to enjoy on their own or mixed in with your favorite strain. You can find Barbari THC products at dispensaries throughout Oregon and Massachusetts, and your can purchase the herbal blends through their herbals website!


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