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Just a Spoonful of Sugar

“Just because it’s medicine doesn’t mean it has to taste like it.”

This is the motto behind Next Level Edibles, an infused baking ingredients line based in Oakland, California. Founded by brothers Anthony and Cartier Jenkins, this black-owned brand offers the tastiest ways to consume some THC. When both brothers experienced periods of anxiety and depression, they were prescribed medications that were ineffective and left them feeling hopeless. But soon after they discovered the healing cannabis offered and knew they wanted others to experience the same relief.

Anthony, who was always interested in baking, began to infuse his recipes as a delicious and discreet way to medicate without the stigma of more fragrant consumption methods like blunts. The current line includes infused coconut oil and brown sugar for home chefs to use in their favorite recipes. Not a wiz in the kitchen? Simply replace your favorite sweetener with their infused brown sugar or wait for their infused brownies, cookies, and popcorn lines to drop. Either way, you’ll soon be able to snag Next Level Edibles at dispensaries throughout California. Happy eating!

Instagram: @nxtleveledibles

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