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Mindy’s Gummies for the Win 🍬

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Product Review of Mindy’s Chef Led Artisanal Edibles

Stash Queens are ALWAYS on the lookout for emerging and new cannabis products especially ones that are created by other women entrepreneurs.Since we began this journey researching and talking to cultivators and makers, people have given rave reviews about products in dispensaries in other states that we absolutely MUST try! While most of us Stashies became family while kicking back together with expertly rolled joints and spliffs in the tradition of a true stoner crew, there is no denying the force through which gummy edibles has transformed how people eat their consumables with new ways to take their favorite strain and learn about new products.

Gummies are delicious, portable, and easy to share, and most importantly one does not have to sacrifice quality when choosing which new gummy to try! In fact, it is exciting to know that cannabis brands are breaking through the market by appealing to the elevated palates of cannabis lovers. Consumers these days are knowledgable about the origins of where they source and purchase their food both at home or out dining, so it follows that they would be equally as discerning about enjoying a luxurious and curated cannabis edible.

A brand that caught our attention was Mindy’s Chef Led Artisanal Edibles led by Mindy Segal, a James Beard Award winning chef who has worked in some of the top restaurants in the country. Taking Mindy’s Edibles was a luxurious experience, first because visually, the gummies were vibrant and inviting. I also enjoyed the packaging which reminded me of the tins of sweet hard french candy my grandmother would buy for me when I was growing up so I definitely felt tugs of nostalgia. So Mindy’s had me at sweet memories and the gummies looked divine to eat so how did they taste??? True to Mindy’s word they were “decadently delicious and rich”. A friend had given me a tin of the Lush Black Cherry” edibles which Mindy describes as “like jars of cherries soaked in cabernet and Luxardo with hints of orange and vanilla”. The gummies certainly rose to the occasion! After a supremely busy day I rummaged into my bag looking for one thing and the smooth edibles tin came to the surface just at the right time!

Mindy’s Edibles come in two different package sizes depending on the flavor with 100mg total in each package. My tin was the 20-pack with 5mg gummies and she offers a 50-pack with 2mg gummies for folks desiring variety in dosing. I started with one piece and then added a second and final dose after about 3 hours to continue the good feelings. All of the stress of the day melted away and I was able to sink into a blissful state of mind just in time for bed. One of my favorite benefits of edibles is the slow release that allows you to sink into a calmer space over an extended period of time which it certainly provided. I slept incredibly well and woke up feeling good the next day since my body had a chance to ease into comfort and rest.

I am deeply curious to try some of Mindy’s other flavors particularly the chocolates which I think would satisfy my desire for savory treats and to also try some of the recipes showcased on the brand’s website. Again, its always exciting to see a woman-led cannabis brand develop new ways for customers to enjoy their product while spurning new creative ways to keep people wanting to experiment further. These are not your corner store gummy, each flavor is unique and well crafted and really elevated the candy cannabis experience. While this review of Mindy’s Edibles are not a paid or solicited advertisement, Stash Queens is always open to trying new cannabis products that folks want to see on the shelves of our forthcoming recreational dispensary here in New York City! Drop us a line and tell us about a new edible or consumable you have tried recently for us to check out!

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