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The Stash Box 🎁 🌿

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Welcome to The Stash Queens blog! In this space, we will share our journey in the expanding New York State cannabis market, explore new and favorite products and document this time of making our business dream a reality which is building and operating a one of a kind retail dispensary experience in New York City!

So far making the decision to enter into the cannabis space has been life changing for us. First, because we are close friends and family to one another. Developing ideas and strategy alongside our day-one besties has deepened our trust for the impressive skills we contribute to this massive effort and the vision for continuing to grow The Stash Queens!

This has meant diving head-first into the game, attending our first MJBizCon and other local gatherings, visiting cannabis dispensaries in other states and most importantly connecting and learning from other Black and women owned businesses that are breaking into the space. We are proudly creating a business that will be accessible to ALL!

Additionally in our eyes and what our research is bearing out is that there has never been a better time to bring diversified canna products to the New York market. The introduction and standardization for dosing for recreational use will be empowering for consumers as they can choose the product and amount that will suite them best. The entry point to this new and exciting world

will be as simple as walking through the front door of our dispensary and leaving with aromatic buds or a calming tincture, concentrates that pack a punch or a salve to ease your aches and pains; handled in a seamless and knowledgable transaction.

The Stash Queens top priority is to give choice to customers wanting to explore the best products that speak specifically to their needs and curiosities. Another high priority for us is to be thoughtful stewards as we work alongside community to open our business. This means building relationships that prioritize listening to the needs of community and doing the work necessary to earn their trust.

Finally, we want to hear specifically from YOU about the types of products that you want in your own personal Stash box and to be in conversation with us as we push forward step by step to opening day! Reach out and say hello! As always you can find us here on our website but also look for us on Instagram @stashqueens and drop us a note, we would love to hear from you! Till next time!



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