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A Black History Month Message🖤🖤🖤

Black History Month with flags and women's hands

Happy Black History Month from Stash Queens. Here's to celebrating the vibrancy and spirit of Black Futures! This is one of our favorite months of the year because its concentrated Blackity Blackness. There is an overflowing abundance of memes, historical storytelling and passing down of “recipes” that do not just speak specifically to food but also to Black collective remembrance and Black cultural practices. It is not just memory that connects us but its speaking to the creation of what a Black prosperous healthy future looks like! Beyond the monetary, we speak to what satisfies our souls, what is healing to our communities and ourselves. Black History Month in it’s fullest expression.

A major part of this healing work is acknowledging how much learning we have experienced in these past 3 years since the creation of Stash Queens. Our humble beginning as 5 Black SisterFriends with a deep love of cannabis and translating that love to designing, building and running an actual business. If there was ever a moment of symbolism around the creation and sustaining of healthy Black Futures it was our decision to follow through on our vision for Stash Queens.

It remains that way to this day. As we continue to step out on faith with every collective decision we make! The fact that we remain family to one another, whew chile .....that is something to honor and celebrate! Continuing to put our name and financial support behind bailing out Black Mamas and legislative changes like New York State's Clean Slate Act. It is the pride we feel when every step comes together and the joy we get from partnering with other businesses where there is alignment (more on this exciting development to come…🤩). Being honest and learning from our decisions that did not go as planned and being able to keep facing each challenge and victory united and looking forward. This is what fuels us always but especially in this month as we live and create the Black Futures that will see our work continue to thrive and succeed. We Love Us and We Love Yall!! 🫶🏿🫶🏿🫶🏿

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