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Stash Queens Starts Fresh in 2023!!!

2022 was a TIME and for the Stash Queens team it was filled with exciting new developments. We pressed the reset button on how we will move forward welcoming in 2023. We want to thank every person that our team came into contact with last year! Whether it was through the vibrant and motivated community of cannabis entrepreneurs or just from being in the right place at the right time, Stash Queens is thankful for our ever expanding universe. We also appreciate our supportive family and friends who are enthusiastic and keep us motivated towards our goals.

The first retail cannabis sale in NYC was logged just last week and the next few months we will see just how hungry and excited New Yorkers are to have so many retail options available to us. We look forward to offering future customers a canna product that can be found at dispensaries across NYC and beyond in 2023.

In the spirit of more collaboration, our team is eager to work and learn from other Black and Brown business owners in the cannabis game and most importantly we have continued to learn from each other which is special considering our long years of being family and friends to one another. Here are a few of the things our team has learned from the past year and a half of being in business together:

  • Be ready and flexible to pivot when necessary! When we first started Stash Queens we had visions of opening a brick and mortar storefront with our names in twinkling lights. While that is still a long term goal, we recognized that we had an opportunity to pivot to creating a brand- one that reflects our taste for the finer things and deep delight in introducing our peoples to the plant in a way that will keep folks wanting more.

  • Running a business is really hard and there have been times when we as a group have had to assess whether we wanted to keep going! While our answer to one another has always been a resounding YES LETS DO THIS - it has meant making sacrifices and each team member defining and refining how we want to work together. This is running a business by doing and so it has meant all of us recommitting to our goals and holding each other accountable.

  • Keep your paperwork in order! From budgets to bank statements to keeping notes for reference, part of building this business is archiving our process. It also serves as motivation to see where we began and to help get us to the finish line.

  • Pay the right people to help get the job done! While our team is ridiculously talented, we are VERY thankful for our small yet mighty group of advisors who have helped us fill in the experience gaps where needed. It is a strength to ask for help and having our kitchen table of advisors has been worth it every step of the way.

  • Learn by just doing! Our team went to our first MJBiz Con in 2021 with eyes wide open and to soak up the atmosphere. This year we came READY with a plan and list of items to accomplish and hit every single target we had for ourselves. We were not the new kids on the block and we got to see firsthand how our connections and collaborations bore fruit outside of NYC.

  • Finally- gratitude! We are so grateful to have each other, to continue to center our experiences and opinions as Black women infused in how we do business and how we love and treat each other! There is nothing like this experience and it continues to give us confidence as we move towards introducing you all to what we have cooking!

Stash Queens is looking forward into 2023 with optimism and enthusiasm! Drop us a line and keep watch of this space as we unveil our offerings this new year!

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