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Cannabis Tourism: The Summer Travel Edition for The Cannabis Lover

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Happy Summer Stashies!!! We cannot believe that we are already in August and just about everyone we know in NYC has some kind of trip planned to beat the summer heat in the city. Whether staying in the US or traveling internationally, we wanted to put folks on to some of the best travel cannabis spots. We will start by saying no matter where you travel, please research the current laws and regulations for whatever city, state or country you may visit.

Don’t get caught slipping because you did not do your research or know what is and is not legally allowed. We also use the “When in Rome” metric to gauge what may or may not be appropriate when we visit a new place. We are also Black Women so there is a different level of scrutiny and attention given to us when traveling so best advice is read up, figure out local customs and connect with fellow travelers who will be able to give you the good inside scoop.

Now on to our top 5 travel locations for Cannabis tourism......

1. Denver, Colorado - has great weather, fun outdoor activities and stellar bud culture and with it being in a state that legalized recreational cannabis back in 2012 , Denver sets itself apart from other cities with the type of activities and cannabis experiences that are available for the newbies to the OG’s of Cannabis.

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands-Amsterdam - has always been on our Cannabis travel bucket list since its as easy to purchase as walking into a cafe for a cup of coffee. In fact many of Amsterdam’s coffee shops have allowed residents and tourists to purchase small quantities of hashish and cannabis for personal use so it remains a top tourist destination for the savvy cannabis traveler.

3. Tenerife, Canary Islands - There is nothing like a good joint and a beach and in the Canary Islands you can partake of both! Tenerife has quickly developed an international reputation for some of the best cannabis clubs(there are about 50 currently in operation) specializing in local growing that highlights the best of what the Canary Islands offer both fun and sun!

4. Bay Area, Oakland - Chances are most of the cannabis you are consuming at current probably comes from California and this city is one of the seats of cannabis counter culture that has been way ahead of its time for cannabis enthusiasts and those looking to stick it to the MAN. The Cannabis community in the Bay Area also revolutionized providing people centered care and access to the plant for those living with HIV-AIDS back in the late 80’s and early 90’s and that same spirit lives on today.

5. Washington DC - While DC currently does not have any open recreational dispensaries yet like NYC, cannabis entrepreneurs have wasted no time developing events and programming to educate and welcome a new audience of customers into the fold. There are “puff and paint” parties, and cool supper club experiences that have been drawing rave reviews from our friends and other travelers to DC.

Drop us a line in the comment section below and tell us the places where you travel and partook in the local cannabis scene. The Stash Queens will be traveling throughout the summer and would love other recommendations of great places to travel and enjoy Cannabis! Keep Cool This Summer Stashies!!!

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