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Growing Tips to Maximize Your Yield

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

With harvest time fast approaching here are a few tips to help maximize your yield! We hope everyone has a super successful harvest! Feel free to send us some pics of you crops and or finished product.

Be patient!

The number one mistake of most cannabis growers is harvesting too early. Its worth waiting for! Most of a cannabis plants essential oils and terpene production happens in the final weeks of flowering. This is also when the plants packs down and becomes denser, harvesting too early doesn’t just effect quality, odor and flavor, it can also reduce yield. The average flowering time for cannabis is eight weeks, however strains can vary. You’ll want to look to your trichome development to ensure the flowers have ripened, when your trichomes turn from clear to a milky amber you should be ready!

Give it time to dry…

After cutting the cannabis plant you’ll now need to slowly and consistently dry out the plant. Although it’s been cut it is technically still alive as water may remain in its system. After your plants are trimmed and harvested, hang them upside down on strings to allow for plenty of airflow. They should hang for 5 - 7 days at room temperature (70 degrees) with 50% humidity. Buds are done drying and ready for curing when the stems snap when bent rather than just folding.

Cure it!

A proper dry and cure are crucial for buds! This process helps preserve and accentuate flavors by retaining terpenes and cannabinoids, while diminishing chlorophyll and getting rid of the vegetal taste of the plant. When buds are trimmed and dried, they are placed in airtight containers for curing. This will stop the loss of moisture, preserving flavor and aromas and allowing buds to take on their full flavor. Curing affects the flavor and the quality of the smoke. A cure done correctly also allows you to store your cannabis for a long period of time. Without proper curing weed will taste like a freshly cut lawn…do yourself a favor and don’t skip this step!

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