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Be on the lookout for these strains in 2023

If you are anything like us you're probably always down to try a new strain! Here are a few strains we are looking forward to trying out in 2023! As always let us know what you like or what you are looking forward to trying…#whatsinyourstash

Grease Monkey

A cross between Cookies and Cream and Gorilla Glue, this Indica-dominant strain has a THC range upwards of 30%. This super potent flower brings the intense effects and incredibly distinct sweet and nutty flavor of its parent strains together effortlessly. The strain’s total relaxation qualities are well known and sought out, and many users report experiencing a full body high and a couchlock effect.

Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze has a high Sativa to Indica ratio (80% Sativa to 20% Indica). It’s won numerous awards and been around for quite some time. But the genetics just keep getting better! In fact, this strain has consistently won High Times awards for the strongest strains in the world. Ghost Train Haze can range from 25–28% THC. Newbies beware! You can expect to experience uplifting energy and a state of euphoria when smoking it. Additionally, its hazy effects can help calm even the busiest of minds.

Future #1

Due to its exceptional potency, Future #1 is creating a lot of buzz in the cannabis community. Future #1 has a high terpene level in and high THC content (30-37%), which results in a fruity flavor mixed with pine scents. This strain is known to deliver a very uplifting high and is great for socializing and getting creative. Future # 1 is a highly potent hybrid, whose effects start quickly and with great energy.

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