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Bow To The Queen

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

In the market for a premium gummy? Let us introduce you to Queen Mary, your new favorite brand. “Queen Mary is a cannabis brand catering to women for mental health and as an alternative to addictive prescriptions,” says Tiana Woodruff, the founder and CEO. In her commitment to wellness, Tiana is leading the way in formulating products so that they might provide folks with an alternative to the highly addictive pain medications that are so readily prescribed.

The line currently includes several items (some of which recently took home trophies from the Farmers and Emerald Cups!) There are 2 gummies available– Enchanted which is designed for day time use, and Moonstruck, the perfect way to end the day– as well as a tincture. And each product is crafted with specific additives to enhance the wellness experience.

We expect to see Queen Mary popping up on the East Coast anytime now! But until then, you can find Queen Mary’s products at dispensaries throughout California!

Company: Queen Mary

Instagram: @queenmary_la

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