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Back to Life, Back to Reality: Stash Queens Recommendations for Fall Cannabis Flowers and Edibles

Cannabis Flowers and Edibles

Happy September Stashies! We cannot believe that summer has come and gone so quickly although we have been reminded with this week's recent heatwave that we have not made it into the fall season quite yet! Summer for the Stash Queens looked like life for many folks! We loved being with our friends and family, obviously keeping high and hydrated, while also continuing to put our puzzle pieces into place for our business. Its the hurry up and wait for US that continues to be a surprising part of working in cannabis.

Obviously for our team that concept has been experienced VERY different than businesses that were part of the NYS CAURD program. Stash Queens want to give an extra shout out of support and care to all of the CAURD licensees that are experiencing deep delays and unknowns in coming to market through no fault of their own. The immense amount of time, energy, sacrifice and MONEY that it takes to stay afloat as we watch New York State go through its continued growing pains has been deeply humbling. As a self funded venture, our team has reached into the recesses of our piggy banks to keep our dream going and that is the case for many of the Black and Brown businesses that want and deserve to get to market!! It is our hope that while lawsuits and injunctions have rendered what we knew as CAURD essentially moot, that CAURD licensees remain at the top of the queque for when they open retail licensees to everyone.

It is a matter of fairness and doing the right thing for those who should be able to reap the benefits of establishing a foothold in the marketplace!

All we can say is a collective WHEW CHILE! The stress of it all and the desire to kick back to ease the stress is strong! Coupled with the elation of many of our friends who lovingly deposited their children to school this week and now have a bit more time to relax as well as for the summer warriors who need to adjust to the new season ahead, here are a couple of recommendations for the Fall Cannabis Flower and Edibles that's hitting the right spot!

To start, Jeeter's Infused Pre-Rolls all we can say is OMG. These delights come in multiple sizes and pack a PUNCH at over 35% THC. What is especially nice about them is that because they are so strong, all you need is a puff or two at a time especially if you are trying to balance productivity with chilling. If you are looking to go to Pluto though here is your ride.

So, recently one of the Queens took a trip down to Union Square Travel Agency which was absolutely mobbed with people. Kudos to the Agency for making what could have been a frustrating wait experience so delightful! The staff was kind and efficient and extremely helpful! This particular Queen loves to buy weight and staff directed her to Flower House Oreoz because they happen to sell it in half ounces. It was absolutely delicious and had her locked in on the couch binging The Bear while snacking on munchies... dreamily! For all of the criticism NYS flower has gotten about it being too old, or dry Flower House NY is proving that culitvating delicious flower is a top priority and it shows! Flower House NY is a BIPOC owned operating out of upstate NY and was the first BIPOC farm to make it to retail so go check them out!

Lastly, the same weight happy Queen took a trip down to Gotham down in the LES where all the luxury girls go to get their stash and fell in love with Tonic's CHILL/Blueberry Peach The discretion and layering effect of a delicious gummy really goes far sometimes and these tasted like September on an exquisite beach in Southern Italy after all the summer crowds have gone home. These gummies also include herbs such as Lemon Balm and Passionflower that works wonders for calming down the nervous system. High key recommend!

We hope that in the spirit of meeting fall at its doorstep that folks continue to take care of themselves and prioritize taking the opportunity to ease into life in this approaching season. Enjoy these recommendations and drop a comment to let us know if you try them! Until next time Stashies!!

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Nov 03, 2023
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👑felt like I was there w You💫

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