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Choosing Between Edibles or Flower 🧁🍃

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

As a woman that LOVES having options, choosing between eating edibles and smoking flower always presents me with a cannabis conundrum. Depending on my mood or if I have some time to really kick back usually helps me to hone in on what I desire out of my cannabis experience but here are a few of my considerations I think about before partaking!

Do: Think about how you want to experience your cannabis! When I am running low on time or under a deadline, I typically like the immediacy of smoking flower since you feel the impacts quickly. If I have a tedious task ahead of me, that is when I choose the edible for its slow releasing properties. Doing laundry is a much more enjoyable task when an edible has been consumed. I really have been liking indicas as the weather has gotten colder and I desire vegging out with a good movie and want to sink into my couch.

Don‘t: Get TOO high! We all have seen the internet memes or have been the internet meme come alive where a person takes an edible, doesnt feel a thing and then overindulges and has more and then two hours later they are 50 shades to the wind kinds of high. Read the dosage with your edibles, its always nice to layer a little at a time or if you are smoking flower, see how your body responds before going all in, there is always more to be had and as my grandma says, a little goes a long way!

Do: Think about your environment and who you will be around. If you lean more towards needing discretion than an edible is certainly the best move. They don’t call it loud for nothing, usually flower smoke announces itself before you even seeing who is sparking up! Edibles come in so many different forms that allow for one to enjoy popcorn, pretzels and even cannabis wine.

What are your favorite edible consumables and flower? Let us know what you have been enjoying, drop us a comment and put us on!

Until Next Time Stashies!!!

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