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Favorite Seasonal Strains To Say Goodbye to Summer and Hello to Fall ☀️ ➡️ 🍃 🍂

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

What time is it everybody?! It's time for us all to sadly say goodbye to summer although us Stashies are all founding members of the summer preservation society. We are hoping that summer has been sweet to you as it has been to us. As much as we love the heat and vibes of the season, there is something about the beginning of fall that feels exciting. It is when folks typically get busy hunkering down to start accomplishing goals, the clothing layers come out and we transition to a time to reap the harvest before winter.

Like many, I tend to change cannabis strains depending on the season. In Spring and Summer, I love sativas with their outgoing and heady highs that feels perfect for socializing! In the fall and winter, the change of weather makes me want to be more cozy, and that is when I love a good indica that just is so inviting for a tv streaming marathon.

Here are my summer into fall strains, that I am enjoying at current, to say goodbye to summer and hello to a new fall season:

Wedding Cake

To begin, gosh this is a beautiful strain, with shimmering yellow and purples and is almost too pretty to smoke…we said almost! This strain is an indica hybrid that gave a euphoric feeling and made the Sunday scaries not so scary after all. It's a very relaxing strain and was also tangy and on the exhale you can taste notes of vanilla and black pepper. This strain is one of our favorites and is perfect to ease into fall.


Otherwise known as Runtz OG is also a beautiful palette of colors visually. It has a sweet and fruity profile that calls to mind the best of summer fruits and juiciness. It is a rare hybrid strain and I shared my stash with some new friends I made at AfroPunk in NYC this past weekend! It was perfect for the outdoor festivities, I felt giggly and joyous but also calm and was able to navigate the festival crowds and not be overwhelmed.

Bubba Kush

If you don't love any of the strains in the Kush family, can we really be friends??!! Bubba Kush is the most indica strain from this assembled list and you definitely feel its tranquilizing effects quickly. It's earthy and full flavored. I tried Bubba when I was decompressing from a hard day at the suggestion of a friend who had dropped by with some and now I am always on the hunt for more. This strain is wonderful for just hanging out and relaxing, do not try to do too much as you will find yourself moving VERY slowly.

As we call in the ease of a new season, what strains are you into right now? Tell us your seasonal favorites! Until next time Stashies!!!

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