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SF Roots ISSA Whole Vibe

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

This month we’re highlighting our friends over at SF Roots! This premium cannabis brand was born in San Francisco and is one of the city’s first Social Equity Companies. The company is centered around 3 values: Cannabis, Community, and Compassion. They live these everyday in their work and by paying it forward, supporting other social equity businesses, and striving to break the cycle of inequality, reinvesting in the community and creating generational wealth.

Their products include a variety of flower, pre-rolls, and tinctures, and they’re about to launch concentrates and vapes! You can find SF Roots products in California at dispensaries throughout the state, as well as delivery- we can’t wait to see their Cali goodness pop-up in NY soon!

And if you needed any more proof they are the real deal, SF Roots represented at Carnaval San Francisco, a move us Stash Queens can 100% get behind.

Company: SF Roots

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