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Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Are you new to cannabis? Not sure what to try? Or how certain strains will make you feel? Here are three of my favorite strains with a little breakdown of how my body reacts to them. Try one or try them won't be disappointed!

1. Tree of Life

Achieved by crossing Mendocino Purps with Trainwreck, this strain can help you achieve true bliss, while diminishing any negativity. If the environment is right it can also be beneficial in fueling creativity and focus. It can serve as an alternative for combating chronic fatigue or pain, stress, nausea and headaches. The round sage-green buds on this “Tree of Life” will definitely stand out while its scent starting with an earthy tone and finishing with creamy orange zest can't be mistaken.

2. Three "3" Kings

Coming in with two-thirds sativa and one-third indica with THC levels that land around 20% (depending on cultivation methods), this royal strain is considered best for experienced users who prefer a cerebral high. Many reported it to be a solid choice if you’re looking to relieve anxiety, or put your mind at ease. It's not named for the Three Wise Men, but after its supposed lineage. It’s believed to be the product of combining genes from Headband, OG Kush and Sour Diesel, commonly known as the three five-star strains.

3. Deep Sleep

Giving undeniable relaxation that eventually tapers into drowsiness and slumber, this hybrid strain is a cross between the pre-1998 cut of Bubba Kush and Larry OG. Its flowers are impressively dense and solid, buds vary in shape but overall it has an indica-typical structure. If properly cured, these flowers smell fruity, with a slightly dank edge. You probably shouldn’t plan on accomplishing any kind of demanding work after consumption. It’s called “Deep Sleep” for a reason!

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