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Can I have S'more please! Enjoy this THC Infused Treat

THC Infused S'more

Summer is just about over and luckily we can enjoy S’mores year round! But have you ever tried them with THC infused chocolate? This may seem like an obvious go to for all you consumers out there, but if you haven't tried them yet I highly recommend!

When we pair our edibles with fatty food such as chocolate, it turns out the THC is absorbed better. THC and CBD are lipophilic, meaning they need fats to dissolve and become bioavailable. When you ingest cannabis, it’s broken down in your digestive system and then distributed through your body, so when you eat fat-dense edibles, absorption is increased. In other words, bring on the S’mores!

I prefer a classic S’more and for that we will only need 3 ingredients. But feel free to substitute to your liking.

  • Graham Crackers

  • Marshmallows

  • Infused Chocolate

Grab your Graham crackers, heat your Mallow, sandwich together with the infused chocolate and enjoy! As always let us know what you think and #whatsinyourstash

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