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Oakland Extracts...A Cookie Crumble For the People

Oakland Extracts is a Black-owned cannabis brand founded on the belief that all Oaklanders should have access to quality hash at affordable prices. Founder Terryn Niles Buxton places community at the core of everything they do. “We built this company to create change in our community and to impact the lives here. Nothing makes us feel better than to meet someone who tells us that watching us build shows them a path. The biggest accomplishment of Oakland Extracts is community building.”

Starting with high-quality materials from small, local farms, Oakland Extracts developed a proprietary technique that maximizes terpene retention. All products are made from a single source and never include added terps, THC, or additives. Their signature product is the Oakland Extracts Cookie Crumble, a concentrate perfect for dabbing or crumbling over flower. Other products include Diamonds and a live resin vape. You can find Oakland Extracts products at dispensaries and delivery services throughout California.

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